Bour Lab

Organic Materials and Molecule Synthesis

Catalyst Development

We are interested in the design and synthesis of catalysts that utilize unconventional principles of selectivity to effect highly efficient and selective transformations. Our efforts in this area are directed toward the synthesis of atomically precise solution phase assemblies in the 2-5 nm domain and catalyst architectures with well-defined, strong oriented electric fields.

Confined Reactive Species

Our team is pursuing the synthesis of reactive organic and inorganic centers confined in porous materials. We hypothesize that confinement in these materials will attenuate common modes of decomposition. We are interested in probing the fundamental reactivity of these species as well exploiting their unique properties in catalysis, magnetism, and gas purification.

Porous Organic Polymers

Researchers in the Bour Lab are interested in new methods to synthesize porous organic polymers at lower costs, on larger scales, and with greater control over physical properties. Our approach focuses on using advanced organometallic technologies to provide better and more controlled routes to these promising materials.


Chem 275
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